Wednesday, 22 Jan 2020

Top 5 Reasons To Use YouTube To Market Your Law Firm

What is the reason to market your products and services? The belief that you can expect to receive a steady stream of work simply by doing well is not correct. Along with quality and efficiency, you should be able to promote yourself effectively.

Three things that generate work for lawyers are: building relationships with clients, enhancing your reputation by word-of-mouth advertising, and establishing trust. These three goals can be achieved by a number of ways. Apart from the usual modes of advertising, a novel approach is to use the video-sharing website, YouTube. Video streaming accounts for a greater percentage of all mobile traffic than web browsing. Since video marketing and watching videos online is becoming a popular activity, law firms can cash in on this trend to make their presence felt in the highly competitive law industry. YouTube is the dominant website among video sharing platforms and it makes sense for legal firms to make full use of its potential.


1. Popularity

YouTube is the second most popular search engine today, without any doubt. It outstrips Facebook in the number of people accessing digital content during a certain period. When people think of digital media, the first name that springs to their mind is that of YouTube. A study conducted in the United States revealed that a good majority of Internet users visited YouTube at least once a week. Law firms should have video content related to their area of work on YouTube in order to reach the widest youtube market possible.

2. Visibility

Law firms can promote themselves on YouTube by using search engine optimization techniques. Videos should have a title that uses keywords. Words that are most likely to be typed in by a Google search user should be employed to create a title that will rank higher in the list of hits brought up by the search engine. Next, a keyword-dense description of the video should be included. It can also include a link that users will click to lead to the website of the firm. Finally, each video should be given keyword-rich tags.

More visitors can be attracted if you are prolific and clever about posting relevant videos on YouTube. Some videos can also “go viral,” which means that they can become immensely visible and popular on the Internet. People may comment about them, write about them in their blogs, or tweet about them widely.

3. Supplementation

Case notes can contain links to videos on YouTube that can take viewers through the behind-the-scenes happenings in a law firm. It gives people a sense of how work is done in the firm and the efforts made by lawyers for their clients. This enables new viewers to trust the firm, and existing clients to continue to place their faith in their lawyers.

4. Ubiquity

The beauty of YouTube videos is that they can be easily integrated into other content platforms. Videos can be linked from your Facebook feed or LinkedIn page to YouTube in order to enable a wider audience to access them. Many law firms have their own blogs that are kept up-to-date with fresh content on a regular basis. YouTube videos can be embedded in these blogs to rope in the attention of the established readers. The omnipresence of YouTube videos makes it more likely to captivate potential clients and keep them engaged.

Also, creating a YouTube channel can encourage dedicated followers and can ensure that viewers keep coming back to watch more videos. This increases the chances of getting more clients. And, all this can be done at no additional cost since YouTube is free!

5. Emotional Impact

The commonly used routes of comment boxes in blogs and Facebook pages and enquiry forms in websites are heavily used nowadays. In order to stand out from the crowd, dialog boxes attached to videos can be used that allow people to actively participate in an ongoing discussion.

The emotional impact of videos versus photos and pages of text and photographs is huge. Videos are able to engage people in a way that still images can never do. The lawyers which would be featured in the videos, would establish a connect with potential clients.

The design and content of a firm’s website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel can make or mar its reputation. The idea is to impress viewers enough to make them want to explore the firm’s services. Once engaged, the attention of the potential clients should be reasonably sustained.

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