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7 Factors to Take Note of Before Purchasing Pre-Owned Mobile Phones

Purchasing Pre-Owned Mobile Phones

Un-boxing a new smartphone in-arguably offers a highly fulfilling experience, something which isn’t the case with used or pre-owned gadgets. However, the financial perks associated with the latter are often way too pronounced to be ignored. For someone who considers budget before every purchase, a new device isn’t always the most viable or rather feasible option to rely on. Moreover, with the used smartphone market growing in leaps and bounds, the chances of getting a bad deal almost takes a backseat. That said, if an individual has made up his or her mind regarding the used smartphone purchase, it is now time to look closely at a few points before closing in the deal. Unlike purchasing a new device from an official store, a pre-owned gadget doesn’t necessarily come with a lot of validation. Therefore, a buyer must take several factors into account before moving ahead with the purchase.

1. Seller Credibility

A buyer should always start by checking the credentials of the concerned seller or sellers in that regard. While there can be a lot of speculations regarding the emergence of fraudulent offline retailers who end up offering dysfunctional and fake devices to the buyers, the emergence of online stores have nullified the ill-effects to a considerable extent. Online startups have taken the used and refurbished smartphone market by a storm, offering well-maintained devices at highly competitive prices.

2. Refrain from Stolen Gadgets

The issue about stolen devices is common with local, offline retailers. In most cases, the stolen smartphones are offered at dirt cheap rates, but a buyer must learn to identify and stay away from them. The best way to combat the situation is to ask for the soft or hard copy of the original purchase receipt, regardless of the gadget’s age. Moreover, one should also cross-check even the smallest of details by asking about the store from which the gadget was originally purchased, original purchase details, and warranty whereabouts. The best strategy, however, is to look for the IMEI number of the gadget and match the same with the details mentioned on the bill.  Used mobile for sale purpose is available at various places.

3. Be on the Lookout for Fakes

The existing smartphone market, both used and new, is filled with fakes, especially the Chinese replicas. A buyer must, therefore, learn to identify the same to avoid getting duped. The most prudent ways for distinguishing fakes from originals are to match model numbers, IMEI numbers, and more. Another approach could be to compare the hardware and software specs of the device with the actual model.

4. Undertake Exhaustive Physical Inspections

Now when a buyer has established the credibility and authenticity of the device, it is important to conduct exhaustive inspections in regards to the physical state. The first and foremost step should be to visually inspect the device from every angle, especially for dents, touchscreen worries, and other problems. If the device is in top-notch condition, it is good to be purchased. The buyer must also be on the lookout for scratches as they are often hard to identify but once detected can be the perfect tools for negotiation. For a device with a removable battery, bulges and other sign of damages must be checked for.

5. Execute Code Test

iphones Refurbished Store

Every device comes with a set of special menu options which are accessible via select codes, often found over the internet. These codes are self-executable and can be used to assess the internal condition of a device. This includes the sensor, LED, speakers, battery, receiver, and more.

6. Examine the Usability of Accessories and Ports

For a buyer who is looking to purchase a used device along with accessories, it is important to analyse the role of ports and points. Therefore, it is advisable to check the charger point, headphone jack, USB Type-C port (if available) before finalising the deal. Battery abnormalities upon charging the device for long also need to be taken into account, in regards to overheating and other aspects. Most importantly, the buyer must carefully analyse the USB port, precisely for data transfer and a host of other important jobs.

7. The Price

In the end, it all comes down to the price, and therefore a buyer must be an extra bit careful when it comes to shelling out a hefty price for the used gadget. Firstly, the person making the buyer must check whether the device is just a used one or refurbished. Moreover, each one of the mentioned factors also needs to be taken into account before negotiating and reaching a common ground.

Used handsets can be tricky buys, especially if the buyer fails to take mobile phone depreciation and other aspects into account. This is why it is always advised to make purchases via credible online stores, instead of persisting with offline re-sellers.

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