Monday, 17 Feb 2020

10 Tips You Should Know Before Starting A Blog

The first thing you need to know before start blogging is that blogging can enhance and support your online communications. However, you must first understand the outcome of your blog that you desire in order to attain success. The main reason why you should start blogging is that it can be both an excellent outlet for your frustrations or excitement.

10 Blogging Tips You Should Implement

1. Define your NicheĀ 

Research that particular niche that you have the passion for. Determine the competition before you start, to decide whether this is a niche worth pursuing. A blog without your passion will not last long.

2. Know your Audience

Know who it is you are blogging for, to determine what information you will need to give them. Failure to understand your Audience will lead to a failed blog.

3. Have Goals

Decide on the Short Term and Long Term goals to make sure your blog is successful.

4. Have a Schedule

Don’t Expect Blogging to “just happen’. Build a schedule and stick to it.

5. Deliver Quality Content

We have been listening from starting that “Content is King”. Ensure each and every post you publish contains quality information and provides value to the readers.

6. Be Social

Connect on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Google+ etc. Don’t just set up profiles but be regular, make sure engage on these platforms. Build Networks and Social with Each Other.

7. Build an Email List

Start to build a list as soon as possible. Your list will help turn your Blog into a Source of Income for you by the time it’ll evolve.

8. Be Professional

To build yourself as an authority in your niche you need to conduct yourself professionally. This includes responding to Comments, connecting with others and providing Material of value.

9. Use a Call to Action (CTA)

Finish your Post with a CTA. This could be to Sign Up to your Email, to share your post or leave a comment. Ask your Readers to respond and they will.

10. Be Patient

A successful blog is not going to happen overnight. It Requires Time, Attention and Determination, invests in your blog for the Long-Term Results.

10 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid Getting Traffic

1. Incorrect Focus

Making your Blog all about you instead of focusing on the Reader.

2. Poor Keyword Use

Forgot to use your focus keywords in your Domain Name, Images, Descriptions and other Meta Data.

3. Over-Posting

Not Maintaining the Frequency for your Blog Posting, trying to publish a post every Day and wasting your and your users Time.

4. Profit over Relationships

Blogging with Profits in mind instead of Focusing on Building a Relationship with the Readers.

5. Weak Titles

Writing Titles and Introductions that are weak and won’t pull the Reader in.

6. SEO Optimization

Not thinking about the SEO from the very Beginning provides you only a flesh content but for SEO purpose you have to optimize your content for ranking factors as well.

7. Poor Response

Failing to Reply to Blog comments and let people know there’s a human being behind a blog.

8. Lack of Connection

Ignoring other Bloggers and failing to make a connection with them.

9. Incorrect Tone

Writing in a tone that’s either too formal and academic or too casual and full of Errors.

10. Being Impatient

Expecting overnight success from your Blog Traffic Generation Efforts.

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